MANGALA FISH ( pack of 10)


mangala fish ( pack of 10)

medium size

freshness guaranteed

10 in stock

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Dry fish (Mangala)


dry fish (mangala)

Mangala fish

dry fish (mangala)

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– What size is the mangala dry fish available

We have 2 different sizes: Medium and Big. The price for each size is different as well.

Is this the original Mangala

Yes it is.
Most people make the mistake of buying smoked catfish from dubious merchants instead. This is common during periods when the sellers don’t have the real fish in stock. And the easiest way to avoid this error is to buy from shops like themarketfoodshop that can gurantee you of giving you the real items you need

Additional information

Mangala fish (pack of 10)

mangala fish ( pack of 10), medium size, freshness guaranteed


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