Half bag of rice – thailand rice (25kg)


Half bag of thailand rice (25kg)

good quality

non sticky rice

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bag of rice (25kg)

bag of rice (25kg)

good quality thailand rice

bag of rice (25kg)

Nigerian rice recipes

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is basmati rice long grain

Long grain rice is slim and long, it comes out non sticky when cooked. Basmati, brown rice, jasmine rice.

Best way to cook long grain rice.

wash rice to remove excess starch

Don’t stir while cooking as this might break the grains, which might result in the cooked rice coming out soggy.

Can you use long grain rice for sushi

short grain rice is best suited for sushi as the type of rice used for sushi is very sticky ; Long grain rice is non sticky rice.

how many kg is a bag of rice

The popular size we have is 50kg, 25kg, 10kg and 5kg. As expected, they all have different prices. But even though the shape of the bags are unique to their size, what matters is the weight on a scale. Which is why you should partronize only trusted sources like us

how many cups are in a bag of rice

To spell it out, we have the small milk can/cup and the almighty derica cup. For the milk tin cup which most people use at home, it is 256 cups. But for the derica cup, you should comfortably get 64cups. These figures are what is obtainable for a 50kg bag.


How to open a bag of rice


You do that by removing the string used to seal the bag. Cut the string on both extreme of the sack where it forms a tiny knot, then pull strings on both sides.

How long does a bag of rice last

Depends on how many times it shows up on the menu and how many people are invited to the table. But for the average Nigerian family with 4 members, an estimated period of 4 – 6 months would be a good count.


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Half bag of thailand rice (25kg), good quality ,non sticky rice,


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