Ground Crayfish


Whole crayfish, measured, cleaned and blended.



Dried ground crayfish

dried ground crayfish

dried ground crayfish

how to make crayfish

– How to eat crayfish

The whole part of the fish is edible. However when you are cooking with the whole smoked prawns ( red crayfish), you might want to remove the head of the crayfish as it can make the soup bitter, however, if you are blending the smoked prawns (red crayfish), you can blend with the head and use to season meals.

– Difference between crayfish and crawfish.

There is no difference. Crayfish goes by several name and crawfish is one of them.

Additional information

Ground crayfish (paint bucket)

A full paint bucket of crayfish, cleaned and blended. available in derica quantity

Ground crayfish

1 derica, paint bucket


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