Rhassoul Clay (50g)


Rhassoul Clay a.k.a Moroccan Ghassoul clay (50g)

An all natural product used for skin and hair care



Rhassoul clay

Rhassoul clay

Rhassoul clay


How to use rhassoul clay

How to do a skin detox with rhassoul clay

– What is rhassoul clay used for

It has a unique ability to nourish the skin, thereby making it a natural supplement for skin care

– Which is better bentonite clay vs rhassoul clay

Even though they have similar functions, if you want extra moisture, softness and better ability to absorb, then rhassoul is the better option

– Does rhassoul clay work for acne

Yes. Acne is caused by impurities and rhassoul clay is good for sucking all the dirts out of your face

– do you sell rhassoul clay wholesale

Send a message if you want to rhassoul clay in large quanity


Additional information

Rhassoul clay ( a.k.a moroccan Ghassoul clay)

An all natural product used for skin and hair care


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