A bunch of Kale leaves, available for delivery on wednesdays, by pre order only

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kale leaves

kale leaves

kale leaves

kale burger recipe

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– how to eat kale raw or cooked

Preferably raw.
Though it is not raw as moving from farm to mouth but it can still be supplemented with other items to give it a more exciting taste – You can incorporate kale into salads , smoothies, sandwiches, burgers…

– how much kale per day

There are no established limits to eating fresh vegetables such as kale. Feel free to spice your meals with greens all day

– Which is better: kale powder vs fresh kale

Depends on your preference and what you want to use it for. But regardless of the situation, the two options would serve the same purpose.

– what part of kale do you eat

The leaves are the target when including this vegetable in your consumption plan.

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Kale leaves

bunch of kale leaves , available for delivery on wednesdays by pre order only


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