How safe is African black soap for babies skin?

How safe is African black soap for babies skin?

Babies are new to our world, which means they still possess sensitive skin that needs attention; So  when every parent asks  how safe is African black soap for babies skin , this question is expected.

Yes it is safe.

African black soap is made from natural products that contain materials that nourish the skin such as Vit A, E and other essential oils. The combination of this ingredients brings about a soap that can serve the multiple function of anti bacterial, skin moisturizer and cleanser. Also the soap does not contain added chemicals or preservatives that can harm the newborn.

For new babies, the liquid african black soap is a better alternative

Other issues also arise when considering if ABS is a good fit for a baby and some of this we would be treating below

What to do when soap is swallowed

Considering that we are talking about people who like to put everything within grasp in their mouth, one has to consider what to do when a baby decides to have some ABS (african black soap); Like other soaps, it’s a classic case of poisoning and its needs to be resolved ASAP.

First thing, you need to know is that inducing vomit is not allowed, Instead, having some water or milk is suggested as the way forward. This should help dilute or neutralize the  effect of the soap.

Sodium and potassium which are the common elements found in the ingredients for making soap have been flagged for causing irritation in the stomach. Therefore it is advised that the case is referred to the hospital where you would need to take along the soap to help in solving the situation.

Other reasons for using African black soap

One of the reasons for advocating black soap for kids is because of its antibacterial properties. As babies as still new to our world, they get to experience and react to the different situations they find themselves; this reactions normally lead to visible rashes and marks on their body. All which is marked as skin problems

And rather than introduce them to a host of chemicals, ABS (african black soap) is a better alternative since it acts as a natural cure with less harm to bring to the table. Over time, this soap has been tested against several infections that appear on the skin, with results being exceptional.

Though this might not be the case every single time as there are context to consider with regards to result. Concentration of the soap is one of the things to consider when scaling against the effectiveness of the soap as an antibacterial. Also considering the exact ingredients used for manufacturing the soap can also help in making it work better.

 How safe is african black soap for babies skin

African black soap paste


How to mix black soap for your baby

With the essentials of preparing Abs out of the way, there are a couple of other items that you can also add to the soap. All of this is so that you can get better value for your babies skin. The other good news is they are all natural, making it mild as well as effective on the skin.

The list of possible addition is long but I would share with you those that I have found to be essentials and easy to get- Shea butter, Coconut oil, honey and aloe vera gel

They all come with their own super power to add to the glow effect that ABS (african black soap) brings to the table

  • Shea butter tops the list with it ability to protect the skin from UV rays. It also comes along with it own array of vitamins with A and E topping the chart. All of this makes it perfect for skin care.
  • Coconut oil serves as a skin moisturizer and softener. The extra virgin type serves a better alternative compared to the regular option.
  • Honey is a emollient and humectant substance. In layman terms, that means, its can help to soften the skin while also preventing dry skin. Which feels like an awesome double whammy
  • The miracle plant, Aloe vera gel, comes along with its anti-microbial abilities.  It also has minerals that helps to stimulate growth and also repair the skin.

Babies are soft but it’s obvious African black soap was made to cater to that. What is left now is for you to give your baby a lasting treat.

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