How many mudu is in a bag of rice

Except you are in the north, measuring rice based on Mudu might sound odd to you.

Whereas for muslims that need to give out food stuffs during the annual fasting period (ramadan), the mudu is the specified dimension for sharing.

To make things easy, most people buy the grains they would be giving out in large quanities, and need to find out how many mudu is in a bag of rice

For a 50kg bag of rice, it contains between 25 – 32 mudu. The reason being that there are usually differences in the quantity of rice found in a bag based on the type and source.

However when measuring the weight of a mudu, it is between 1.25kg – 1.3kg.

The mudu comes in various type of containers. All of which has been designed to allow for uniform measurement.