How to know if fish is fresh when buying

Fish markets in Lagos

When you visit a fresh fish market, you want to be sure the fish is truly fresh; here are simple measures to help you spot whats fresh from what’s not .

Fish markets in Lagos

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  1. Always check out the eyes , fresh fish should have clear , bright and slightly bulging eyes; If the eyes are cloudy and sunken its most likely no longer fresh.
  2. The fish gills should be pinkish or reddish in colour.
  3. Go close to the fish to perceive the smell… if it has a strong fishy smell or an ammonia like smell, the fish is no longer fresh.
  4. The fish should have an elastic skin thats firm to touch, the skin should be shiny (almost slippery).
  5. If its scaly fish, the scales should still be tightly attached to the skin of the fish. If half the scales on the fish had fallen off, its most likely no longer fresh.
  6.  After buying the fish, to maintain freshness, Store in ice cooler bags during transit .


Fish Markets in Lagos

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