Simple ways to store popular Nigerian foods

Food storage tips

Knowing the right way to store  foods  definitely saves your foods from wasting .Here are a few ways to store common foods at home

food storage tips

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  1. Rice – store rice in plastic containers rather than bags, you can put bayleaves /turmeric/ ginger in containers container rice to keep weevils away.
  2.  Beans – Can be stored in a freezer (where there’s regular power supply); preferably in a plastic container to keep it dry.
  3. Blended Ogbono /egusi – Best stored in the fridge.
  4. Yams – should be stored away from light, in an airy place , should not be placed directly on the floor, you can place on a wooden slab.
  5. Potatoes – should be stored away from onions, in a cool airy place.
  6. Ijebu gari – To keep it dry and crunchy, store in a tightly covered nylon (ziploc) bag.
  7. Stockfish – can be stored in the fridge to keep insects away.
  8. Moi-moi leaves / ugwu leaves /  ripe plantain – To increase shelf life, wrap in layers of newspaper and keep in fridge.
  9. Peppersoup spice / cameroon pepper/ dry red pepper – Best stored in plastic containers ; in a dry cool place, preferably in a fridge.
  10.  Ginger – Put ginger in a ziploc bag, squeeze out air from bag, seal and place in the moist free compartment of the fridge.
  11. Garlic – Store in a dark,dry, well ventilated area away from from moisture and light, keep it out of the fridge, this usually makes it dry and unusable.

food storage tips

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