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Ewa agoyin recipe

Ewa agoyin recipe Beans is popular food in Nigeria, There’s a Nigerian myth parents tell to their children who don’t like to eat beans – beans make you tall…lol, On behalf of parents and guardians across Nigeria I apologize to people who fell for this as kids. Different types of beans are available in the Nigerian market; the common ones include –              Honey beans –              Olo beans ( olo1 and olo2) –              White beans .


BREAKFAST IN BED Love will always be about the very little things that matter. Warm a love one’s heart with breakfast in bed. Here are a few recipes you can try,make sure it’s nicely plated with a fancy note on the side…… (1) Fish vegetable sandwich Ingredients Smoked mackerel fish 1 large size Fresh hard tomato slices 8 slices Onions (finely chopped) 1 small size Veggies (lettuce, cucumber, cabbage slices) Mayonnaise 6 table spoon .


* In a clean sauce pan, heat oil and fry, garlic, ginger and onions slices for 2 minutes. * Add the blended pepper, tomatoes, curry, onions, tatashe puree, thyme, magi and fry for 8 minutes * Add the carrots, green beans, fish and fish stock, stir well. * Taste and add salt, cover and cook for 5 minutes. * Serve with dodo or bread.