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Ewa agoyin recipe

Ewa agoyin recipe Beans is popular food in Nigeria, There’s a Nigerian myth parents tell to their children who don’t like to eat beans – beans make you tall…lol, On behalf of parents and guardians across Nigeria I apologize to people who fell for this as kids. Different types of beans are available in the Nigerian market; the common ones include –              Honey beans –              Olo beans ( olo1 and olo2) –              White beans .

Nine (9) Nigerian low calorie meals

Here are 9 low calorie Nigerian meals (consider portion sizes) 1) A wrap of Moi-moi 2) A bowl of Fish peppersoup (with just one piece of fish) 3) Seafood okro with swallow (millet flour) 4) Vegetable salad (add a piece of tuna fish/roasted chicken/roasted guinea fowl/egg for protein) 5) A cup of smoothie mixed with plain unsweetened yoghurt and a piece of spicy roasted guinea fowl 6) one whole boiled plantain with tomato sauce .

Nigerian vegan food options

Nigerian vegan food options
  Suitable Nigerian food options for vegans or people looking to cut down on animal protein These foods include – soy milk/coconut milk (in place of regular milk) – boiled yam with garden egg sauce – boiled plantain with spinach sauce – beans with corn(adalu) – porridge with fried plantain – beans and akara – Okro soup with mushrooms (in place of beef/chicken)