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Buy Wheat in Nigeria

Buy wheat in nigeria
Buy wheat in Nigeria This grain can serve multiple purpose Number one being that it is recognized as a healthy (whole) grain and hence used for a lot of recipes that are health driven. It is sometimes mixed and blended with other grains into flour and made to swallow The flour is also used in baking Types of wheat Foreign and local wheat The local type has low sugar compared to the imported and .

Buy Yams in Nigeria

Buy yams in Nigeria
Buy yams in Nigeria Depending on the time of the year, the varieties available differ. The mumuye and Onitsha yam are in season between July and September. While the Abuja, pampas and benue yams are in season between August and December, at these times they are quite cheap after which prices start to go up. Usually Abuja yams are no longer as white by April. At that time of the year you can opt .

Buy plantain in Nigeria

buy plantain in Nigeria
Buy plantain in Nigeria If you buy green plantain and want to ripen it at home, put the plantain in a sack, wrap it up in a nylon. Preferably place the sack in the kitchen so the heat that comes from cooking can hasten ripening. This could be done in batches if you don’t want the whole bunch to ripen at once. But in a situation where you want to prolong the shelf life .