Buying Palm oil in Nigeria

To enjoy cooking with palm oil, when buying, it is best to watch out for a foul smell and make sure it leaves no after taste. This usually depends on how well the palmoil is processed.

So don’t forget to always check this before purchase.

buying palm oil in Nigeria
Buying palm oil in Nigeria

Also avoid palm oil with chemical additives as some producers add it to give it a more pronounced red color.

It is possible to avoid this if you buy from a trusted source.

The common types of palm oil in Nigeria market include

  • Ondo palmoil
  • Cotonou palmoil
  • Ibo palmoil

The ibo palm oil is from the eastern part of Nigeria, it is known to be extracted mostly from the organically grown palm fruits compared to the ondo palmoil which is extracted from non-organic palm fruits. The Ondo palmoil is also of very good quality . There’s just the difference of the ibo palm oil having a richer flavor compared to the others; such that when used for cooking, only a little quantity is needed to get the rich palm oil flavor desired.

Season for palm oil

Available most from early Feburuary to early April

This is when new palm fruits are harvested.

This period is when prices are at its lowest due to

How to store palm oil

It can last for up to one year in storage, Simply store in a

Poorly processed palm oil may contain water such that it
goes rancid (spoils) really quickly .

So make sure you confirm with your source if it is well produced.