Buying Onions in Nigeria

There are basically two types of onions in the market

  • The white (the dry one)
  • The red onions

White onions are also known as Gada while red ones are
called Jega.

The difference between the two is the color and texture.

Red onions have a bright purple, Depending on the time of
the year, the white onions have a brownish to whitish -purple colour

Red onions are good for salad. They are crunchy and they
don’t disappear when used to cook unlike the white ones that melts into the
food. So you can decide based on your personal preference.

Season of the year for onions

Its usually in season between December and January

The white onions keep for longer when stored at home compared
to the red ones. You can simply put them in basket and keep in a well
ventilated space.

How to store Onions

Avoid storing other food items with onions during storage as onions are known to hasten the ripening of fruits as well as cause the quick spoilage of other foods like potatoes.

Onions can be preserved for longer by rubbing them in yam
flour (elubo).

White onions can be stored for up to 4months .

Buying onions in Nigeria