Buying Irish Potatoes in Nigeria

  • Varieties
  • Storage
  • Seasons

Would you like some fries?

buying irish potatoes in Nigeria

Am certain you do, otherwise you won’t be trying to figure
out how to get the right irish potatoes to fill your plate.

Baked in the oven, fried with oil, cooked in water or even
roasted… irish potatoes are great.

That’s why we decide to help make sure that everytime you
make a move to buy some, you get what suits you.


There are two different types.

The white and the butter colored potatoes.

Don’t mistake this options for the colour of the skin of the

On the outside, they both look really similar.

It is only on further probing which might require you
cutting through the potato so that the color is visible.

Both alternatives still retain the potatoes promise, but one
goes the extra mile beyond the other.

The butter coloured potatoes last longer compared to the
white potatoes.

The butter color retains its clean butter color long after
its been peeled while the white one starts to show discoloration almost as soon
as it is peeled. Also the butter color comes out more crispy (dry), when fried,
the white one doesnot dry out so quickly when fried so you can easily end up
with soggy potatoes when you fry it.

Season for Irish Potatoes

The season for irish potatoes is January

It is usually cheap at that time of the year

Buying irish potatoes in Nigeria

How to store irish potatoes

When you buy the butter coloured varieties, it can last for
up to 3 months without going bad.

The potatoes are best kept in a basket and placed in a
well-ventilated area.

Avoid putting the potatoes on the bare ground.

It should not be stored with onions as their combination
would lead to the potatoes getting spoilt quickly.

Check regularly for spoilt potatoes and take them out of the

Consume any brusied potatoes before the other ones.