Love will always be about the very little things that matter. Warm a love one’s heart with breakfast in bed. Here are a few recipes you can try,make sure it’s nicely plated with a fancy note on the side……

(1) Fish vegetable sandwich

Smoked mackerel fish 1 large size
Fresh hard tomato slices 8 slices
Onions (finely chopped) 1 small size
Veggies (lettuce, cucumber, cabbage slices)
Mayonnaise 6 table spoon
Ground dry pepper 1 table spoon
Bread lightly toasted 6 slices

– Mix fish, mayonnaise, seasoning, onions and ground pepper in a clean bowl to make spread.
– Spread the fish mixture on a slice of bread. Place tomato, lettuce, cucumber, cabbage slices and another slice of bread.
– Trim the edges and cut in to neat triangles
– Serve with choice beverage

(2) Mixed vegetable chicken noodles
Shredded chicken (already seasoned) – 500g
Noodles – 3 packs
Chopped Veggies- (Green beans carrot, cabbage, tatashe, tomotoe, rodo)
Vegetable oil – (3 tablespoon)
Onions -(1 small bulb)
– In a sauce pan, fry onions, tomatoes ,rodo ,tatashe, shredded chicken
– Parboil noodles for 2 minutes
– Stir fry noodles with onions, tomatoes, rodo tatashe for 2 minutes; add little water to soften noodles if necessary.
– Add veggies – carrot, green beans, cabbage, cover to steam for another minute.
– Serve hot

Boiled yam with Egg sauce
Tomatoes 4 large sizes
Fresh rodo 2 large sizes
Onion 1 bulb
Tatashe 1 large size
Green pepper 1 large size
Spring onions
Eggs 2

– Cut and boil 3 tin slices of yam to softness.
– In frying pan, heat oil for 10 secs, add sliced green pepper, rodo, tomatoes, onions, tatashe and seasoning. Fry for about 90 secs – 2minutes
– Whisk eggs in a bowl with salt
– Add eggs to mixture, leave to fry for another minute. Stir when necessary to prevent from burning
– Serve boiled yam with egg sauce.


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