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How to get rid of smells from cooking round the house

how to get rid of cooking smells
  How to get rid of cooking smells. Cooking usually leaves behind strong odors especially when ingredients like fish , locust beans, greasy (oily) foods….. are involved. These strong smells can be choking; they usually linger on long after cooking is done with , they even become stale and unpleasant after a while. They are most especially embarrassing when we have to entertain guests not so long after cooking. However , here are a .

Nigerian snacks

Nigerian snacks The street food culture in Nigeria is huge and if you love snacking, there’s a wide variety of snacks you can choose from . Lets dig into some of these snacks ; find out what they contain. There’s so many of them though so will just pick out a few¬† and try to spark up your cravings for some of the Nigerian snacks we love.   Puff puff – Here flour is .

How to make pounded yam with a blender

how to make pounded yam with a blender
How to make pounded yam with a blender Pounded yam with soup is a delicacy in Nigeria, your choice of soup to pair it with may differ based on personal preference or what part of the country you hail from, however, some of the common soups people pair pounded yam with are egusi soup, efo riro , bitterleaf and oha soup. The traditional way to make pounded yam involves boiling yam then pounding using .